The Best Place to
Social Distance is on a Yacht!

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Play It Safe

Don’t fret about getting trapped at a foreign resort, or continually postponing your next lifestyle vacation. Each yacht charter guest and crew members will receive a COVID-19 test before your charter leaving the dock. We strictly follow all updated safety guidelines for our crew, guests, and yachts and with all intended destinations in your yacht charter itinerary.

Travel With A Few Close Friends

There is nothing else that compares with spending a week aboard a yacht with a few close friends and an attentive crew.  Begin with a preset itinerary and then work with your Charter Specialist to adjust it to your interests and desires, or start from scratch and travel to one of those out-of-the-way destinations others only see on Instagram.   

Now, more than ever it is time to take your well-being and your families into consideration when planning your next holiday.  Yachts guests can reach destinations others can’t, enjoy custom menus for every meal, and easily shift their itinerary as regulations change.  Travel without fear of being quarantined indefinitely at a foreign resort or aboard a crowded cruise ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost ?

Yachts booked by the week have two components, (a) cost of the yacht and crew, and (b) cost of provisions and expenses.  Depending on the time of year, the weekly charter rate for the yacht and crew range from $32,500 to $37,500 USD per week.  Provisions, expenses, and gratuities are itemized and paid separately.  Be sure to ask about special”Introductory Rates” available during select weeks this fall of 2020. 

What if the borders are closed?

No worries. During the days of Covid-19 it is best to plan your itinerary with some flexibility in mind.  If the Bahamas are again closed, we will shift your itinerary to the Florida Keys.  If for any reason the Keys are no longer an option your charter will be rescheduled, without charge, for the next suitable dates.

Can we go topless or be naked?

On deck, at the dock or at an anchorage we are required to follow the customs and rules of the local authority. The captain and crew will keep you advised of local regulations as you move through different areas and keep you advised as to what is permissible.  Within the yacht interior and guest cabins you are within the privacy of your yacht and will be treated respectfully by the crew.

What is a lifestyle friendly charter?

Whether you are a  couple, single, or polycule, involved in a non-monogamous, or open relationship,  our crew wants you to have an amazing holiday and charter with us for years to come.  Regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, or relationship type you are welcome aboard.  

Can I charter for fewer days or add more?

Yes. We are happy to accommodate you however we can, as long as it does not impact another guest’s itinerary.  

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